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About this column

What do you remember about your parents, ancestors, friends and mentors? How would you like to be remembered? 

Know what you do now very much inflences thier world of tommorow!

Articles in this column

A Lesson learned! Being prepared even when life takes over.

Everyone thinks their prepared for a day without power; What about 3 days on a homestead? We lost power in the mourning that was hot and just after a heat wave.    I wake up in the afternoon after getting home from the night shift. The power was out and our preps were being tested. I had bought water that mourning so that saved us from the fact the well wasn't working. The money was in the bank so thank goodness the Internet worked and it wasn't EMP. Wife said we couldn't make dinner. Stove was out and so was the propane and we were on a fire ban to boot. I remembered about the two butane stoves and lots of butane I had put away just in case. So we did have a nice stir fry that night.   My son left the fridge open a crack so the temperature in the fridge was going down fast. I put 4ltrs of frozen bags of milk to put it back up. We didn't put blankets on the appliances as we thought it was going to last a few mins like all the other outtages.   I looked at my 2600 Sq ft garden and dreaded hauling that much water from the creek to water it on top of the greenhouse. We only had one waterer but I would use my food grade buckets so I'd be ok. I went to look to see how the creek was fairing. Bone dry! I'd be ok for one day but I'd be hauling water in my old SUV a km away if it didn't come back by tommorow. It would take hours on end to get the job done  I was playing chess with my boy when the power came back on. Kids rushed for the Internet without ever knowing how close we were from buying a generator to keep everything cold and hauling water till we were blue in the face.  My prepper friend talked about getting an inverter for my SUV and I remembered I had one already. Untested; new in the box. I'll have to try it before I get caught again. A trick for someone with a small inverter is to connect a smaller car to a bigger car with booster cables and then connecting the inverter to get larger appliances going. We have all metal roofing but no rain catchment. Another project that got put aside when life took over. No gas, money, propane and very little  reserves. It was now clear we needed an active MAG and pond as well more than ever.  I was happy for the lesson and realized that a prepper quickly becomes a sheeple without his preps and community! I hope you learn from my mistakes so you don't get stuck in this lucky situation or much much worse. Stay safe by being prepared! Do you have a situation that tested your preparations?  Protector Thrivethrough.com  Club: Homestead Outpost!  
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