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48 Days

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Rob Kaiser



What does 48 days mean to you?

For me…today – 48 days is the length of time that has passed since I felt compelled to take the time and bang out one Pomodoro of writing (thanks FocusTime app) for a blog post.

To calculate the duration between two dates, I simply used this website here.  I frequent this site regularly and it’s very easy to use.  There’s your daily dose of nerd…you’re very welcome.

Deliberate Living System

Moving forward…as soon as I sat down this evening, I wondered what to write.  Previously, I had told myself that I would consistently write about one of the Three Primary Components of a Deliberate Living System.  These are the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, Permaculture, and Entrepreneurship – and you can read more about that in the blog post linked to above.

However, tonight – I wanted to wing it.  I determined the date and immediately I thought about the book 48 Days to the Work You Love: Preparing for the New Normal, by Dan Miller.  While I haven’t read this book in its’ entirety, over the past few years, I’ve run with a crowd that had a big entrepreneurial lean.  The Amazon description reads as follows:

In 2009, the U.S. unemployment rate approached ten percent. Today, when new work is found, it may not be traditional. Studies estimate half of the American workforce will soon consist of freelancers, consultants, independent contractors, entreprenuers, “electronic immigrants,” and so forth. Are you ready for the new normal?

The New Normal

Like you, I’ve been spendiss-think-outside-box-800x450-300x169.jpgng the last few years preparing for a new normal of my own.  Books such as this have given me the insight needed to continue thinking outside of the box.  This type of thinking I am referring to isn’t really the cliché corporate-speak “think outside of the box.”

The shift in perspective over the past few years has been a bit more complex than just some thoughts outside of said box.  Seeing as books like this gave me a little insight into this paradigm shift, I made sure to read them.  I couldn’t get enough.  Perhaps you could even refer to what I was doing was “paralysis by analysis.”  Then, the urge to “Get Shit Done” bit and I stepped it up.

Finding Balance

Not unstone-balance-300x158.pnglike my climb on the corporate ladder resulting in burnout after a few years, I experienced a bit of burnout while chasing the side hustle.  Conversations with friends who were doing the same turned from #hustle to #joyandhappiness.  Last year was yet another year full of growth and development of my very own Deliberate Living System.

The #hustle has been put on the sidelines for a little while.  More than a few projects have been put on the backburner.  I am making a conscious effort to live “life on life’s terms” – but not in a reactive and mildly negative way that it can seem like when Dave Ramsey speaks of this…but more of “life on life’s terms” to ensure I am able to experience the full beauty that life really is.

As we all pursue the path of our own individual #hustle…let us never forget to pursue the path of #joyandhappiness.  For if we forget to find the balance, we begin to soon become too involved in the details of our life, rather than look at our life as something to be experienced.  We may begin to lose sight of the forest on account of all the trees.

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