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A History of the Sunday Review (Part 2)

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Rob Kaiser


Part 2 of A History of the Sunday Review is where we look at where we are now.  This is only appropriate seeing as we read about where we came from in Part 1.  You can read Part 1 of A History of the Sunday Review here.

As previously stated, the first installment of the Sunday Review contained:

  • What’s New in the Blog
  • The Great Void
  • Current Reading Material
  • What’s Coming Up This Week
  • (Lunar References)

Life on Life’s Terms

The reality is that the business and the lifestyle that Deliberate Living Systems was founded to embody wasn’t happening in the time frame that I wanted.  I was forced to deal with life on life’s terms.  I realized I am no different or special than anyone else.  Also, I realized that one of the best coping mechanisms I found was to share it all with you in the form of a blog.

Deliberate Living Systems was formed during a very driven time in my life.  During the past two years, I began to feel the familiar drifting feeling again.  Much of this was reflected in what I wrote.  The DLS blog lacked direction and blog posts encompassed a wide variety of topics.  Recognizing this pattern, I wrote about it and my observations in a separate blog post here.

Drifting vs. Driven

Continued reflection on this drifting vs driven element led to the creation and development of what I like to refer to as the Three Primary Components of a Deliberate Living System.  This blog post was important for several reasons.  It helped me identify what was important to me, and the best way that I could share this message and interact with YOU while doing so.  I wrote:

I am not interested in content specific to the green industry. I’ve struggled with explaining what Deliberate Living Systems is to people. It’s been challenging to accurately describe the mission and and vision behind Deliberate Living Systems.

A company formed as a direct action of attempting to implement permaculture into my life and the lives of others, the mission and vision has been equally difficult to define. The content created has validated this statement…in the best way possible.

While this is an admirable statement, sometimes I wonder if the reality is that when it comes down to business, people may actually WANT specificity.  However, I also understand that much depends on the particular circumstance and nature of the work.  One thing is for certain though…I am not ready or prepared to move forward with Deliberate Living Systems full time.

Originally, the idea was for the side hustle to become the main hustle.  While this may still be the idea, the time frames have changed dramatically based on the reality of life on life’s terms.  So, here we are, making adjustments to the original plan, improvising, and overcoming…but an even better way of looking at this may be best described by Bruce Lee, “Be like water.”

Be water, my friend.

Stay tuned for Part 3.

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