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About This Club

This club is for those who have created a club or are thinking of creating a club.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Josiah Wallingford

    Wanted Clubs

    Feel free to also suggest people you would like to see in these clubs. I would be happy to reach out to those suggested and get them in here. Homeschoolers - a general club, that is not location specific, about homeschooling. Regional homeschooling clubs - This would most likely spawn from the general homeschoolers clubs and would be clubs for homeschoolers to start in a specific region where others in that region can find and work with each other. MAG's (mutual aid groups) - @ProtectorCdn started an excellent club in this area and a post all about MAG's. Home/Emergency Medical Intentional Community Building Governance Planning Locating Herbs and Remedies - I think @Lynn would be a great addition to this one. Earthworks Soils Wood Builders - @BearPaw would be great for this one or a wood art club Steel Builders Blacksmithing Earthships Aquaponics and Rainwater Harvesting Gray and Wastewater Treatment Work Trade Housing Exchange Frugal / Finance Business (Entrepreneurs Club?) Marketing Strategy Residual Income Business Support Network Consultation Livestock Sheep Horses Dogs Poultry etc etc Seed Exchange Food Food Preservation Diet - Paleo recipes exist but needs someone to get it going strong Home Brewing Outdoor Sports Wilderness Survival Alternative Energy - Steven Harris? Book Clubs
  3. Josiah Wallingford

    Wanted Clubs

    I would like to begin a list of clubs we would love to see created so that others, if interested, can create, manage, and implement content towards those clubs.