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About This Club

This circle works together to create and share preparedness drills. There are many drills that can be done, from simple power outage reaction to complex medical actions. In this column, I will be covering many of these drills in detail. My hope is that everybody will perform at least some of these drills. They could save you and your family one day!

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  2. Josiah Wallingford

    Power Outage Drill Log

    Version 1.0.0


    The power outage drill helps you and your family in determining just how vulnerable and how weak you and your family would be if the power went out for a long period of time. It helps you realize where your weaknesses and strengths are. This is not something you do once and assume you are good to go. You do not do this one time, change some things and then stop. You do this in different levels. Your first drill should be during a good time of year. The weather should not be too hot or too cold. Read the full article for more information.