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Closed Club  ·  23 members  ·  $100.00 +

From the Hive

Closed Club

This is a closed club, meaning only members of the club can see content within it.

About This Club

From the hive is a collection of beekeepers and beekeeping educational courses.

Many ask where do you start in becoming a beekeeper. I have found that it is not getting bees, or even getting your hive, but seeing if you can even have them.
In this club, we go in-depth into beekeeping from beginner to expert. This club includes many educational course videos, guides, and instructional guides. We are a community of beekeepers from all walks of life.

Club Members - Start Here

The first course/module included was "Are Bee's for Me?" by Michael Jordan:


1572244549_Buildingahive.thumb.png.a144a15218cbc8c363edfbf0e6aa7834.pngThe first level is can you even have bees where you live. There are many laws that have to be jumped through in many places of the world to have bees. Michael shows you some of the laws, where to find them, and why they are around.
Now that we know if we can have them, you need to see if you can take a bee sting. Working with bees can be enlightening, or the most dangerous thing you have ever done. Beekeeping can go from 0 to 100 in a blink of an eye. One needs to be prepared for what is going to happen on the worst day. CAN YOU TAKE A STING? We go over how to find out, and what to do.
Getting your laws and checking on the possible reactions to bees stings is the tip of the ice burg. Do you even know how to find a mentor, what clubs there are out there, or even how the bees work where you live?
We take you on a trip on how to find the best way to keep your bees by the history in your location. Looking deep into the history of beekeeping where you live may be the difference between losing your bees. Helping you find good mentors and clubs to help you out is imperative.
If you look at this History, you're going to need to understand the Language used in this field. We go over some terms used and help you by providing a list of them that are going to get you speaking the bee language. You will understand more if you know what you are talking about and are getting the help you need when working your bees by learning these common terms and definitions.
Taking this first step into beekeeping will let you know if you if beekeeping is for you. Otherwise, you may jump in and find out the investment was over your head, or that there was a lot of things you did not know before getting started. Taking "Are Bee For Me?" is the first that in getting you on the right path to beekeeping. This course will even help you make your own beekeeping book that will keep you on a great path to loving your Apiary.

The second course included is all about winterizing your bees:

Winterizing.thumb.png.05d863cd3ad3c317fcc53ae3a4f06f03.pngYou've spent the warm spring and summer months lovingly following your bees all over your property admiring their hard work (don't deny it we all do it). Flowers are abundant in the garden, in the yard, and on the trees, and nearly every one hums with the buzz of diligent worker bees going about their day. Despite your best efforts, the seasons continue their steady march towards the colder months, and it is up to you to ensure your bees are ready for the coming winter. Without your help, the bees will suffer terribly as the temperature drops, flowers die, and water freezes. Your hives depend on your protection, and as a responsible beekeeper, you know you understand that you have to do SOMETHING.

So what do you do?
This module shows you everything you need to know to prepare your hives for winter in simple, step-by-step instructions. Your instructor, Michael Jordan, is not called the bee whisperer for nothing. Under his instruction, you will gain the confidence and the know how you need to maintain a healthy hive throughout the winter giving you peace of mind knowing your bees are safely enjoying the holiday season as well!

What do you get?
As a club member, you will receive an instructional booklet with step by step instructions on how to prepare your bees for winter and care for them throughout the cold months. Additionally, you gain access to High Def video lessons with the man himself, Michael Jordan:

Hive InspectionIntroduction to Winterizing
Basics of why it's important to winterize your hives, and some strategies to reduce the work your bees have to do to stay warm like the "easy-bake oven method". How to build and install your own insulation panels with low-cost materials that can last several seasons.

Inspection and Cover Installation
Performing a thorough inspection is vital before sealing the hive for the winter. See step-by-step instruction and what to look out for when preparing your hive for winter.

How to Build a Quilting Box
What is a quilting box, why should you use one, and how do you build it? All of these questions are answered!

Michael Making Fondant CakesMaking Fondants and Feeds
Put your chef hat on and prepare winter feasts for your bees and keep them eating all winter long!

You will never lose access to these videos and you can download all of them in HD for offline viewing on any of your devices.

Once you've finished this course you will never have to fear winter again. Your bees are worth the effort, and winter comes every single year so there is no better time than right now to start getting ready. Sign up today and your bees will stay warm, well fed, and healthy all winter long thanks to your diligence and care.