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Business Directory

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What do you gain through the Company Directory?

  • Allows TT members to list their business
  • Allows listings to build reputation through reviews and ratings by other members
  • Allows TT members to comment on the different businesses
  • Listings can appear on Google maps if they have a specific location

This will allow members to post their:

  • Company
  • Firing Range/Club
  • Shops
  • Farms
  • Freelancing

Some features that will be available:

  • Business Hours
  • Business website
  • Business phone number
  • Business Location on map
  • Driving directions
  • Add multiple locations for your business
  • Business specializations
  • Email business
  • Allows members to check-in at your business if they are visiting it
  • Members can favorite businesses
  • Add photos of your business and allow members to post photos they have taken of your business

Current Donation Goals

  • Raised $0.00 of $700.00 target

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