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  2. The new relationship helped me understand that it was necessary to find balance not only in relationships but in all aspects of life. get essay editor com online essay editing
  3. At that time, I was working 60+ hours a week on average and traveling extensively for work. <a href="http://getessayeditor.com/">get essay editor com online essay editing</a> Living the life of a road warrior, I regularly ate fast food and at restaurants.
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  5. The Future of Permaculture

    This is a great column.
  6. For the Permaculture and Alternative Living Professionals out there: In honor of Toby’s memory and to further permaculture we are releasing this course to the world for free. It is our hope that this course will push permaculture forward by providing an easy to understand and follow, introductory course to permaculture and at the same time allow everybody to experience the knowledge and joy Toby brought into so many hearts. We are reaching out to you because you are a professional in the world of permaculture and we believe your knowledge and experience should also be shared with the world and those just getting into permaculture can experience your teachings with an easy way to continue learning from you. We are asking for two things if you are willing to contribute. A video of how Toby has had a positive impact on you in your life. An instructional video to be added to the course as an additional lesson to the Creating Gaia’s Garden curriculum. We ask that the second video include your logo and website URL or a way of contacting you so that students taking the course can reach you for further education. If you need any help producing these videos, please let us know and one of the PermaEthos staff will get you scheduled and set up to record the videos. It is a very simple process. There are no limitations to the length of the videos. It is totally up to you. You can post your videos to YouTube or Vimeo. If you prefer we can also provide you with a place to upload your videos. It does not matter what privacy setting you have set for your video as long as we can embed them into the course.
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  9. Zai Square Food Garden Review

    Those were just design ideas. Ya there may be better ways to do them. Auto venting of some kind would be nice. For the rain catch I just assume anything that you could make to work.
  10. Zai Square Food Garden Review

    Wow, I LOVE the idea of the sideways water barrel with the water collection on top! Apologies if I missed it, but What do you use for the “tarp” on top? 6 mil plastic? Something more robust? I also love the hotbox idea… Do you vent my just raising the roof on it? Why are the walls so high? Thanks!
  11. Zai Square Food Garden Review

    Great article and the pictures were really helpful too.
  12. Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

    I’ve seen the latest model of the Work Sharp system at Cabela’s last weekend, and put off buying it because the price was at $99. After researching I think I might be heading back up there to purchase. I’m one of those people, who can’t seem to find a sharpening stone when I need it. This would solve that problem as It would be staring at me from the bench. Do you think this would be a good investment in leiu of a bench grinder?
  13. Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

    You guys should check out the latest Ken Onion edition of the Work Sharp system. You can watch the video demo here. Several new features that make a good system even better in my opinion. http://www.worksharptools.com/knife-tool-sharpener-ken-onion-edition.html
  14. Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

    Yes looks like another investment for me, along with the Dremel tool for sharpening my chain saw.
  15. Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

    I used to teach sharpening classes – I have many sharpening devices. To list a few: slow speed bench grinder, wolverine, ceramic stones, oil stones, Japanese water stones, the Tormek, sandpaper on granite, etc.,,, many types. I recently saw this Worksharp at a local gun show and bought the kit. It really did a fantastic job on all my kitchen knives in an extremely short time period. As long as you have a power source to plug it in to, I’d turn to the Worksharp first over any of my ‘systems’ for knife blades. Turning tools, chisels, carving tools, and such all have their specialty sharpening systems but for knifes, this is hard to beat.
  16. Women, Wake Up!

    Hey Beth, not a woman, but I hear a statement of the problem.. but what exactly are you suggesting here? Women should not dress sexy? What course of action are you promoting exactly? We need to flesh this out a little more. Not trying to pick on you but it’s a bit scant as is.
  17. Will You Be Ready?

    Women can be equally evil if they lack a conscience as well.
  18. Will You Be Ready?

    Men sound awful
  19. Wilderness Survival – Snow Caves

    I’m planning on moving from the SouthEast to Maine. If all goes well I’ll be able to try out some of these next winter. Thanks, I love playing in the snow.
  20. Why Won’t Libertarians Admit What Government Has Done Right?

    Another great article Jack.
  21. Why We Should All Be RE-Learning How to Forage

    I enjoyed this article. Foraging is definitely a lost art. Thanks for sharing this info.
  22. Why We Should All Be RE-Learning How to Forage

    Here’s the one for Texas http://www.wildedibletexas.com/
  23. Why We Should All Be RE-Learning How to Forage

    In a lot of areas these days you can look online and find groups in your area that forage most weekends and are will to teach others for free usually they are called wild eatable groups or some variation of that name
  24. Why We Should All Be RE-Learning How to Forage

    Rick, good post. Where you wrote about plantain, you correctly stated it is not the same as platano, or banana, but your picture is of a banana plant. You should correct that and post a picture of plantain. If you don’t have one, I can get one
  25. You are welcome, and glad you like the article!
  26. Thanks Brooke and keep it up!
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