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! What are your opinions on communal living arrangements where adults might pool their talents in order to sustain a homesteading lifestyle?

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This is my response to this post on another site: 

  Should you not strive for something just because it's difficult? I've been looking to be part of something like this my whole life. Families need community. That's the problem today. Nobody helps you fix your house but they give you taxes. The taxes make you work 3 months a year to pay them off so it's a lot more difficult than before to give back for that better life. I have two kids in scouts so I became a scout leader. I was in scouts for 2 years and loved it. Somebody gave so I could learn and evolve from that experience. I work all night and have packed groceries 3hr on thursday and 6 yesterday for scouts. I'm helping my friend do his roof today. "Be the change you want to see in the world!" Stop praying for things to change and start shaping the world you want to see. My article on mutual aid groups was picked as the staff pick for the last email along with one other. https://community.thrivethrough.com/forums/topic/526-what-is-a-mag-what-would-a-mag-look-like/

What say you?



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