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Trumps assault on Canada


I just thought it was the usual sabre rattling until I watched a string of interviews featuring our leaders I don't have cable.

I also thought we "had" to be nice to the US because we need you to buy our trade goods. We actually have a trade deficit with the US.

Countless Canadians have served and died protecting the US from harm.  

During 9/11 we hosted planes full of people. We went above and beyond and took you into our homes and you slept on our couches and in our beds.

Every time theirs a major storm our crews hurry over to reestablish services and provide help in any way we can.

For years you have received more $ than Canada has received.

The American people are like our family. We've always cared and watched out for eachother.

I just wish someone would say he doesn't speak for me and his insults are uncalled for.

I'm hoping he stops clowning around or July 1st comes along and we can start this recession he wants with fireworks!

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Donald Trump speaks for the United States just as much as every president before him. He is actually looking out for American interests and has decided that decades of protectionism harming American interests should no longer be tolerated.

My only question is why so many presidents have failed the American people for so long. Trudeau can and should negotiate for the best deal possible for Canadians. I'm just happy that for the first time, I'm seeing an American president that believes that Americans should get the same treatment.

Tariffs are the hidden hand behind U.S.-Canada price gap

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I live on a border town. We get a LOT of Canadians that come to shop at Costco, Walmart, the grocery store, and to visit the bars.

I am happy that we have good a good relationship with them and that they enjoy spending money here. 

I have noticed that when I go to Canada, and I go frequently, that I do not buy anything in Canada because it is so expensive and that many Canadians have a poor attitude towards America (except when it comes to buying things in America depending on the current costs). This is more noticeable sense Trump was elected. 

I too am happy to see Trump standing up for us on trade relations, but I also understand that the world is sick of having US back currencies. This is why BRICS was formed. There will be an economic collapse, it just a matter of time and the big question for me is if Trump is making that come sooner or later. It is something that needs to happen and it will hurt badly. 

If anything I think the Trump administration has been a great wake up call for Americans and the world.

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I hope everyone gets the best deal for their country. That being said freaking out and name calling never did anything but start a fight. 

Josiah; I'm sorry for your bad experiences. Remember 10% of anything is bad. Me and my friends love & respect the US people and what Trump represents. A middle finger to the hestablishment and the status quo. 

When an American was in our provincial park with almost no gas. I went to the next gas station. Bought a 4ltr of water. Emptied it; filled it with gas and filled it for him using my funnel. He asked me how much he owed me? I could tell he made much more money than me. I said nothing. The next time you see someone that needs help; Help them in turn and ask them to do the same. I am proud to have helped my American cousin and I'll do the same if given the chance again. He gave me his card and said he'd show me around if I was ever in his area. 

The only thing that pissed me off was his bully nature. He'll get what's coming to him. Karmas a hitch! One of his top advisers already had a heart attack after his verbal nonsense.

I suspect many Americans are going to piss on his memory in the future. I just hope the regular folk on both sides won't get hurt. 



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