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Josiah Wallingford - Members and Newsletters

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Added a "Members" tab. Choose Members in the navigatin bar. This will display all of our members and allows you to view their content, follow them, message them, etc etc.

We have released three newsletter options. By default you are subscribed to the Weekly newsletter but you can change your subscription to Daily or Monthly as well or none at all. You can also choose to receive the newsletter in HTML or Plain Text formats.

You will find your newsletter subscriptions in your account settings.

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    • Yes, we need to promote the site on other sites and I do mention it on Smackdown. There is a LOT of work to be done in this space and it is happening, it is just slow. @Jeffrey Dols is in charge of our facebook promotion stuff. I also add things to facebook and twitter as much as possible. Our staff members have a promotion feature that adds content they like to the "Our Picks" page and sends that content to facebook and twitter (if applicable).
    • Thank you for your feedback! It is very helpful. I have added guest access and cleaned up the mobile and tablet views a bit. Could you please check them out now and let me know what you think? I hope the "Guest Access" button will resolve this. Let me know if you think the text should be changed.  I will be doing a BIG push to the site once the LMS is complete, which will be very soon. It is in Alpha 2 stage right now and we are doing a lot of testing. Once that is resolved, all of the courses will be migrated over to it and all student progress will be added. We will also be releasing a new small course at the same time. Until and after then, the best way to get existing users to come back to the site and continue using it is to interact with them through the site by replying to things they have already written/commented on in the column articles, introductions on the forums, on the videos and in the clubs.
    • Good day Josiah, I just checked again on not logged in samsung iPad and the writing is just too big so people feel free to check out the site. The solution to me is to put ( guest access) above create new account.  This will make absolutely sure Ppl can access thrivethrough.com without effort. Then if the content entices them we might get some traction and they might sign up. Try asking your buddies to put links to thrivethrough.com on their sites and emails. Always mention thrivethrough.com and permies on smackdown. Share on facebook. Ppl that see this can share. Do a giveaway like jack did on the honor system for Ppl that recommend the site to others.  I'm still routing for this site to work out but it needs a big push right now to get out there. Just by adding guest access should at least garantee Ppl will look if we get Ppl to put in the url. Right now I'd estimate 60% don't even bother because they think they have to sign up.  Happy Father's day in advance to everyone!  
    • Thank you for posting this. It confirms what I naturally thought was right and I can explain to the wife that it is OK and needed.
    • Member Maps allows you to share your location (as detailed as you prefer) to a map. From that map, you can view others members who have shared their location and can view their profile and/or send that user a message. The point of the map is to find members near you that might want to team up, go camping... or whatever you might want to do. To add your location click on the "Add Location" button: You may want to add a marker to a specific category of markers. As an example, let's say you wanted to put a marker down stating you are in a general area and are looking for a mutual aid group (M.A.G.) to join. To do so, click on "Browse Markers": Now clock on the "Looking for M.A.G." group: Here you will see a list of other markers that have been put down. Click on the "Add Marker" button: Enter a Marker Title and a short description. Now enter your general location in the Location field or browse around on the map and click on the location you want your marker to appear.  Once you are done click "Save Marker". Now, your new marker will appear on the map in the "Looking for M.A.G." group.
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