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Very nice year for rhubarb and we still got another harvest to go! Perfect filler for juice/ pastries/ bread/ jams and sauces. It doubles your recipes for free! 

Soak leaves in the sun and create a natural bug repellent for you plants.

Perfect for preppers as this plant is unkillable. Competes with grass and wins. No other plant I know gives so much with no care what so ever besides ripping out the flowers so that energy goes to the leaves.






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    • 60 strawberries! I got 3 lol
    • For me it comes down to this: Build community before a collapse. While doing this I need to separate resources into caches to minimize risk and build up as much supplies as possible while living life to the fullest. Locate the skills I need and if the time came I could offer them a place in my community as they earned our trust.  I find the video is too wishful. They want you to be out and about collecting info and assessing threats but to protect your supplies at all times. A ham radio is a great idea as a safer way of getting news. It's tough for one family to go out and get informed while protecting supplies. This is why a MAG Is so important. No one family can do everything but if you can't find community before a collaspe I would be very careful venturing out past the view of my lookout  
    • We've started harvesting spinach almost every day and we started getting a few strawberries! We're getting some nice radishes and my boy loves to pick wash and hand them out.  We've got mint going and the kolrabies are growing nicely. We're due to add soil to the onions and potatoes that are growing well. 
    • Potatoes got some frost but have recovered nicely. We now have radishes/ spinach/ scallions and mint we didn't have before. We're still learning and thank goodness we don't only have this to eat with. Kids found a frog again this year so that made my permaculture heart happy. I want to spread out some plants too close together the next heavy rain.  I have a friend using 80% shade cloth to extend his growing season with his strawberries. 2 4 X 8 beds and he's already go 100 perfectly red strawberries! Were learning more everyday! I worried for those that think they can survive off a seed vault and good luck. I'd love to see what you guys got going on in your gardens.