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Keeping the faith you'll find a working MAG!

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    • I got a five gal bucket of chlorine granules today as they store better and don't degrade like javex does. Be careful when buying a smaller package as this one was 5$ less for 3 gals more product! I have a felling I'm good for five years now but I said one just to be sure. I was told to make sure I didn't get the granules wet until I had too as you cold make chlorine gas. What a great barter item as well. Create bleach and have repeat customers. Another plus for using calcium hypochlorite to disinfect water for emergency use is that a little goes a very long way. A 1-pound pag of calcium hypochlorite in granular form typically costs only a few US dollars and can be obtained in any swimming pool supply section of your hardware store or online. This amount will treat up to 10,000 gallons of drinking water, which is enough for a family of four for some six or seven years at a gallon per day per person! from this site: https://readynutrition.com/resources/better-than-bleach-use-calcium-hypochlorite-to-disinfect-water_19062010/   What's your recipes for using this product in cleaning and water purification? 
    • I'm happy you've experienced different. My greenhous is going much better too. Thanks for posting. You're lucky to have such a great growing season. You're slow season is like my summer from what I've heard. Peace
    • My big post lately got me a visit to a MAG at their BOL. Their actually doing and building something. Spending time working on their BOL. I also have tow more possible families. Hopes are high. The way we're set up is well be the secondary BOL at best being 10hrs away but in the mean time I would have a southern location to grow food and good people to exchange ideas with. ______________________________________ I'm no expert but posting everyday is key to a website working. They need information like what you were saying previously about courses that would make you valuable to a MAG. Security guarantees would do a lot to attract serious folks. Giveaways and the manuals must have helped. Leading by example and having your group with their own club would help us believe this is possible. Right now I see facebook, meetups, messenging apps like BBM forums, craigslist, kijiji and and sites like yours. It's hard for me because their isn't too many Ppl from Canada to link with. I've invited probably thousands at this point to visit the site. We seem to get more visitors now. We just need to give them a reason to stay. I haven't heard one person besides you and me talk about thrivethrough.com so that's a huge problem. Out of sight. Out of mind. I know you've got things in the works so I'm being patient. I still think secure instant chat within the group and a main chat would make this a great place. If their is security you need to post that and independent verification.  My two cents.
    • My General Thoughts:

      I like to think of M.A.G and forming M.A.G like church groups (clubs). First, we need to see that there are others in the area with the same religion (belief system of it's smart to be prepared).  Then we need someone (or a couple someones) to be brave and reach out to those other people in the area. Tell them you want to start the church group and what possible plans are for the group. Hopefully, the previous step will lead to someone having a common place for everybody interested in the group to gather. If not, find a common area that will work. A rec center, a public park, whatever. Start having meetings. I think a great start is to have everybody explain what they hope to get out of the group. A list of common things every prepper should have or be doing. Schedule an event for your next meeting where you will work on one of the items on the list. If someone builds this list, we can all help to expand and to critique this list. With those steps completed, we can build on what is best to do next. You can be as anonymous as you want. You don't have to use your real name, your exact location, you don't have to share with others what your preps are. If you have ever been a member of a church or church group, you know that this information is not required either. You participate as much as you feel comfortable. What to do on ThriveThrough: ThriveThrough has multiple features to offer these groups right now and we will build more as we move forward and see what else would help these groups form and organize. This is a place where we can all find potential members to form the group with. All you need is one other person in your general area. It is a place where you can create private clubs for the members of your group to join, organize, schedule events, log meeting notes, etc etc. Finally, it is a place where we can learn from each other. Build courses that educate others to help others build and organize their M.A.G. Form discussions on the best way to move forward. What are your thoughts? This has been my dream for ThriveThrough. When I think through this process and other potentials for ThriveThrough, I understand I am not thinking of everything that could possibly be done or could be done better and I rely on folks like you, the first in this community, to help me fill those gaps and to help us grow.
    • The first time I called the fire department to ask for tips he was laughing. I was like WTF my family never had a stove and I don't wanna burn the house down. He changed his tune. Using a wood stove is a skill. Be careful and you can overheat a stove. Get a temperature gage and stay within the safe burning zone. Anyone that starts a fire without water or an extinguisher is irresponsible. Be smart with fire!