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  1. My wife was having trouble with the wood stove smoking out in the house so I thought I'd create this guide to help others. Sometimes a different perspective can help resolve issues quickly. Feel free to add your comments and experiences. That's what makes everyone stronger. Stove is smoking from the inside: Did the cap fall off your T outside? If not your chimney is probably cold. Cold chimneys don't pull smoke as good as warm ones. Make sure the flue is open. 1. Close everything and let the fire die take out wood with gloves and put it in a place it won't spark and burn the house down. 2. use scrunched paper and put it at the end of the stove. Start the paper. 3. leave the stove door open just enough so you can hear the air pressure going up the chimney. This will force the hot air up and out the chimney. Do this for a few mins adding paper as your confidence builds the smoke isn't backflowing any longer. 4. Once you see the temperature gage go up to decent levels. You know everything's ok and start with small wood. Safety: Clean out your chimney at least once a year and more often if your using green wood Have a fire alarm/ carbon monoxide detector on every single floor. Two in garage and outbuildings. Batteries won't last long in the cold and you don't get 2nd chances. Is and extra $100 of detectors worth your families life? Chances are if something happens you won't be home. So get insurance. One is none/ two is one and three is for me. Have fire extinguishers in every bedroom and on every floor. Get ABC extinguishers so you don't have issues with kinds of fires. Once a month flip em in the holder and bang them with a rubber mallet. Do fire drills ever year: make sure you have a way to get out upstairs. Get a ladder box and bolt it into the floor if u have to. Try it to see if it's safe for kids.