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Community Continued

Episode Length: 1 hour, 1 minute
Hosts: Josiah Wallingford, Paul Wheaton


Community Continued - Episode 17 Show Notes


Round 1: Background

0:02 Paul’s literal background

0:43 BearPaw in the background

1:43 Update on the Willow Wonka

2:52 Fred’s back!

3:04 Pictures of projects

3:38 This task, that task

5:03 Live audience participation

6:13 Paul n Mount Spokane

7:00 Visiting Lost Valley

8:15 A place to be for decades


Round 2: Struggling in communication

8:35 Exit interviews

9:25 Mandatory meetings consuming life

10:21 The “Heart of Now” weapon

12:06 Violent practice of NVC


Round 3: A good, healthy path

13:03 Improving velocity

14:20 Fiefdoms

15:10 Entry level community integration

16:20 Bringing business models


Round 4: Conflict in a utopia 17:42


Round 5: Synchronizing land and people 18:10

18:12 Outside of the brown cloud

19:58 Giving up & going for it

21:01 A job in town

22:19 Produce from the farmer’s market

23:55 Adjusting spending habits

24:30 In either scenario


Round 6: Slam dunk with residual income

25:25 Chance of success

26:25 The smart play

27:42 Of the entrepreneur mindset

28:24 Prerequisite: residual income

29:28 Stay out of it!


Round 7: Pool of potential entrepreneurs

30:23 Turning a regular person

31:10 Able to travel the path

32:13 Training for a j-o-b


Round 8: Agile work

33:07 Anywhere in the world

34:04 Providing the dream on the cheap

34:39 Grow your own (mindset)

35:40 Teaching the small pool


Round 9: Fred answers bootcamp question 36:11


Round 10: Changing a comfort mindset

37:13 Build, build, and build!

37:42 Professional level work

38:30 Work and design to get there

39:11 How Paul put a lightbulb on


Round 11: Cooper cabin in the winter 40:00

40:18 Warm Cabin squirrel

40:49 Saved by a RMH


Round 12: Pre-established setups 41:35

42:32 Tipi with a RMH

43:46 As close to yours as it could be

44:20 A possibility for paul

44:52 A transition period

46:00 Lab rats for learning


Round 13: Back to the list! 46:56

47:00 Continuing from 2005

48:08 “The” consensus model

48:38 Join up for the price of rent

50:06 In the winter shade at noon

51:20 6 bedrooms in greenlake


Round 14: A militant vegan divides 51:41

52:02 Consensus expert says...

53:38 Dividing the food bill


Round 15: Conflict in the kitchen 55:00

56:12 Providing 540 plates

58:39 Own all food

59:30 Control food, control the world

1:00:31 Meeting caloric needs by stealing food

1:02:04 Generousity building resentment

1:03:42 Get out


Round 16: Fred’s closing stage 1:04:06

1:04:40 It all adds up!

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