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The Day After Christmas

Episode Length: 1 hour, 1 minute
Hosts: Josiah Wallingford

Round 1: An empty nest at Christmas
:28 Gallstones, gout and meringue cookies

Round 2: Invalid charges 2:05
4:52 Pantry Paratus’s Paypal bandits
5:50 Risk in seeing credit card numbers

Round 3: Dealing with snow
6:55 Shoveling the walk
7:46 Tractor & EVs

Round 4: Winter boots 8:49
9:06 Old boots from Grandad
11:05 Duck boots

Round 5: Caring about the color of socks
12:15 Jocelyn’s tree of books
13:40 Drawer of hated socks
14:50 Actual indigo
15:56 Crazy comfortable ugly shoes
17:17 Disintegrating shoes
18:00 Socks and sandals

Round 6: Cutting wood contraptions 22:20
19:05 Mals and mounts
23:10 Bungee technique
24:00 Chopping block therapy
25:08 Rounds riddled with knots
25:50 Hours of chopping

Round 7: The speed of Boots 34:35
28:30 Base camp wood collection
29:50 Putting in the hours
32:12 Cost analysis: a cord of wood at Paul’s
33:00 Learning at a safe pace

Round 8: A gift to your future self 36:00
38:23 Excavator operations
40:00 Renting an excavator
41:17 Proof of the dent
42:45 Destroying a rental

Round 9: Seeking Assistant 43:36 
44:40 Email River abandoned
47:17 Active Volunteers
48:41 Full-time task do-er

Round 10: A mountain of DVDs 49:22
50:12 Buy ‘em by the thousands
51:1 Heater Myths Series
53:10 Stratification Chambers and Rocket Mass 
53:49 Paul learns to animate

Round 11: Work ethics and costs of country living 1:00:00
56:40 Crying Petroleum drama
58:00 Picking people for the season
1:02:04 Appeal of chopped wood

Round 12: Visit with the peeps 1:03:09
1:04:19 Nutrition & back pain

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