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Season 1 Episode 3 - Akiva Silver - Chestnuts

Episode Length: 1 hour, 1 minute
Hosts: Josiah Wallingford, Akiva Silver


Akiva Silver homesteads on 20 acres in the hills of Spencer, NY. He owns and operates Twisted Tree Farm along with his wife and three young kids. Akiva is deeply passionate about nature and wildlife. He believes that the world greatly benefits from fruit and nut trees. Akiva studied wilderness survival for several years and traveled extensively before becoming obsessed with tree planting.

Twisted Tree Farm
Akiva has a wonderful article on why growing chestnut trees is so benefitial.
Read the article here.



Some topics Akiva will cover during the presentation:

  • Chestnut overall description of trees
  • Various species across globe
  • Story of the American chestnut
  • Breeding Programs
  • Propagation
  • Growing/Culture
  • Harvesting/Processing/ and Consuming
  • Tree crops philosophy/ Conclusion



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