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  1. Cujo

    ONE thing every MEAT EATER must DO

    I agree that more people should do this. I'm scheduled to harvest my first layers next year and intend to do it that way. However, most of us have gotten quite far away from the hard parts of food production. I expect that harvesting mine will be hard. A local chicken store has periodic classes that I will attend to get over the hump. However, I can't take the title literally. Freedom allows us to pay others to do hard/unpleasant/dangerous/time-consuming work for us. I do at least some plumbing, car work and misc home tasks, but am happy to contract a lot of it out.
  2. Cujo

    Trumps assault on Canada

    Donald Trump speaks for the United States just as much as every president before him. He is actually looking out for American interests and has decided that decades of protectionism harming American interests should no longer be tolerated. My only question is why so many presidents have failed the American people for so long. Trudeau can and should negotiate for the best deal possible for Canadians. I'm just happy that for the first time, I'm seeing an American president that believes that Americans should get the same treatment. Tariffs are the hidden hand behind U.S.-Canada price gap
  3. Hmmm... Well, I tried the same procedure and now can't get it to fail. It's a TT miracle! Not sure what happened, but it appears to be good now. Thanks.
  4. I've attached the original upload file to this reply. It is 63kb which is well below what the profile page was saying was okay to use.
  5. I just tried updating my profile photo, but ran into a problem. The file was small enough to upload, but when I tried to crop it, it gave the unhelpful message of: "The photo could not be cropped. Please check the provided dimensions." Any idea what that means?