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  1. Here is a list of my most played/loved games at the moment. Feel free to reply with yours. Rocket League Overwatch Diablo III ARK Minecraft - Heavily modded Skyrim - Modded
  2. Jeffrey Dols


    Hey everyone! So it's been a long time since I have posted an update, and I want to tell you why. Turns out making a consistent video series is something I am absolutely horrible at, but I did manage to start a successful business as a handyman. Since January I have been keeping busy building a customer base and developing my skills as a business owner and as a handyman. It's been some of the most stressful and rewarding times in my life, but it is really starting to turn around in a big way. I am much happier now than I ever was in an office, and if things keep growing the way they are, I may actually be able to surpass my salary as an electrical engineer in a year or two! I still want to make videos and maybe even write a blog again, I just need to think about what I want to share. Things at home are every expanding, and we recently brought home our very first calf. I'll make a video to introduce her soon, and I guess we'll go from there! Fired and Free will go through some changes, but I want to keep at it! Until next time.
  3. Jeffrey Dols

    Favorite Games

    A ThriveThrough D&D campaign? Online campaigns using Tabletop Simulator are actually pretty simple.
  4. Jeffrey Dols

    Favorite Games

    I'll be honest, I don't know any of these. Could they be modeled in Tabletop Simulator?
  5. Hey folks! Pleasure to have you with us. My name is Jeff and I have been a gamer since I was 5 when my best friend brought home an NES. We played The Legend of Zelda for days and I have been a fan ever since. If you're interested you can find me on the following platforms: Steam: RIVAL | GheerBox Battlenet: GheerBox#1985
  6. Jeffrey Dols


    Thank you! One thing to note, these wooden closet rods actually ended up breaking at their joints. I replaced them with black steel pipe about a month ago. Much more sturdy and easier to clean. I was worried the girls might slip on the pipe but they do just fine.
  7. Jeffrey Dols


    Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. Josiah was just telling me the same thing last night so it must be good advice.
  8. Jeffrey Dols


    Hello everyone and thank you so much for joining me! This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time so to have others excited to see it, too is a real treat. Everyone please introduce yourself and tell us your story. This is a place to share ideas and the inspiration that keeps us all going so that we can make our lives a better place! We're all in this together so don't be shy!
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    From the album: Fired and Free Photos

  10. Jeffrey Dols

    Fired and Free Photos

    Images from my property.
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    From the album: Fired and Free Photos

  12. Jeffrey Dols


    From the album: Fired and Free Photos

  13. Jeffrey Dols


    From the album: Fired and Free Photos

  14. Jeffrey Dols


    From the album: Fired and Free Photos

  15. Jeffrey Dols


    From the album: Fired and Free Photos

  16. Jeffrey Dols


    From the album: Fired and Free Photos

  17. Jeffrey Dols


    From the album: Fired and Free Photos

  18. Jeffrey Dols


    From the album: Fired and Free Photos

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    From the album: Fired and Free Photos

  20. Jeffrey Dols


    From the album: Fired and Free Photos

  21. Jeffrey Dols


    From the album: Fired and Free Photos

  22. Hey Dan! Welcome to ThriveThrough! I'll definitely have to check out your site.
  23. Jeffrey Dols

    Familly from zone 2 Canada

    Glad to have you with us! I'm not Canadian, but I do have some family up in Minnesota so maybe that's close enough.
  24. Jeffrey Dols

    Hello from the Ohio

    Lisa that's awesome! Congrats on getting started, and I know we'd all love to get updates along the way.