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  1. This subject has been bothering me for a long time. Those that lose their jobs before society figures out how to solve the massive under employment problem will suffer immensely. How does a lawyer deal with only having a tenth of what he had before? Listen; Think and comment! Namaste
  2. ProtectorCdn

    The Next Financial Crisis | Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux

    I also shared this post in hopes of bringing over new folks
  3. ProtectorCdn

    The Next Financial Crisis | Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux

    Were paying off our mortgage in 5 years. Growing food like never before. Wife's learning how to drive and overcoming her fear of driving. Teaching our kids life skills; How to make food/ firewood/ work hard/ physical activity/ learning building skills together! Teaching ourselves to live with less while exploring new ways to make more with passive income. Forming a MAG as extra insurance for the future and have fun too.
  4. ProtectorCdn

    The Next Financial Crisis | Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux

    if one tenth of what they say happens. We need to prepare with vigor! This is the most through view on the American economy I've seen. They didn't even touch automation and health care crisis. The best one was when they said people won't be able to retire and many that are now will have to go back to work. Like women staying home is a fantasy for most; retirement will be in the future. All of this turns into low car, timber, mineral sales that will drag us into a res session too. What are you doing to prepare yourself for this?
  5. ProtectorCdn

    Nuclear Energy - Permaculture Smackdown

    It's ok now Josiah; The sound was muted for some reason :o)
  6. ProtectorCdn

    Nuclear Energy - Permaculture Smackdown

  7. I've been pushing very hard for preppers to form MAG'S and even though I had given up on some. They hadn't gave up on me. New hope is on the horizon. A MAG to me is is not only for emergencies. It's so we can enhance our lives: - Groups buys save money - MAG'S are families at their cores and they give you a reason to keep fighting for what's right. - MAG'S empower it's family members to advance faster/ live longer and empower it's families by helping them - MAG'S work hard but play even harder: I could see a food forest on every familiy property/ animals grazing in multiple paddocks if they so chose/ lots of fun things to do/ people to talk to/ nobody is alone/ invest in eachother businesses/ buy eachother products A MAG family member must fight for the beterment of the MAG in good and bad times/ make sacrafices for the MAG/ help make each other's goals a reality. MAG'S are very emotional things. You must work harder because of them/ if one succeeds they share the bounty. Unselfish/ unwavering / a promisse to protect eachother families. If you die. The MAG will ensure your families survival. No different or less important than their own children. Nobody is born to be in a MAG. They accept the challenge adapt and overcome. A community like no other.
  8. I've been made aware of the most effective manner of ensuring a fair way to enhance a group. Make a list with items to survive 2weeks to 3months. This list needs clothes/ water storage/ water purification/ food/ spices/ seeds/ garden space created & perennials medications/ first aid/ survival gear/ security items (perimiter/ personal/ hunting weapons/ ammo/ maintenance gear/ caches (to me one month can be held in house and following months to be cached in one month increments) Only fools put all their eggs in one basket! Power/ gas/ construction materials/ comfort items/ hygene/ dental/ books/ safe storage etc. The amount of time you are allowed to stay at a members home is based on the amount of supplies on hand. 2 weeks supplies equals a two week stay provided you do your part with chores/ jobs and always act for the benefit of the MAG. This step along with the trust stage is the most essential part to a long lasting MAG
  9. ProtectorCdn

    Familly from zone 2 Canada

    I envy what you can grow out their. We love using our choke cherries to make infusions for those rough colds. Great for celebrations too!
  10. ProtectorCdn

    How To Successfully Grow Potatoes In Tires

    I'm going to do this with 1 or 2 x 6 this year. Had to do a lot of diging to find em last year. Check out my club for more pictures!
  11. I was speaking with my wife why I created this club. "This can't be it!" I said to her. Work lots of overtime, activities 4 days a week, help out your community and almost no time to prepare/ advance on my raised garden/ back to eden garden for my perennials. Enjoying living a far off wish that always escapes you. I took me almost one whole summer to create my garden when three guys could have done it in 2-3 days. Their lots of people with no land or no involved community like me. Why can't we just help/ learn from each other and live that better life. Gardening/ canning/ preparedness/ security/ skills need to be taught. It looks easy on youtube; you try it and one just do this would have allowed you to complete that first pressure canning successfully. 3-4 GSD families could be well prepared in 1/10th the time of. One family giving it their all. Having fun and building community to boot. The results would be less stress/ increased productivity and real freedom because most families won't be prepared by themselves because of lack of skills or just life taking over. I'm guilty of this too. Hopefully my journey will help your push to acheive your preparedness. This only works if everyone benefits! Let's say you live in Toronto/ montreal/ Ottawa and join a MAG I'm apart of. Everyone would help everyone else achieve 3 months of preparedness. Not always easy to store 3 months of preparedness in an apartment but if everyone helps it can be done. If you can't give so much time; then you barter or give $ so other can do your part. MAG'S support eachother businesses so the revenue of all should increase. Also say if you plant 30 fruit trees on my land that were protected, had automatic watering and you came to improve that homestead once in a while. 3/4s of the fruit would be yours. Maybe it's equal shares for all perennials on all properties. All I know is if you don't give a lot; Nobody's going to give you anything. We can it together and feed the whole MAG plus it's family's. The sky's the limit when a MAG is dedicated to providing for itself and it's safety. Theirs another option that's frankly more actionable. We meet people online and we feel that we know them. My buddy from Westshieldoutpost.ca is like this. I'd already have started a traditional MAG if he wasn't in Manitoba but in a pooling MAG he'd be perfect. Great guy/ Nice family/ freedom, hard working man wanting to protect his family same as mine. (By the way encourage good people's businesses so they can better their communities) They give you good prices and everyone wins. We meet once or twice a year because of distance. Once for a week or two is perfect to GSD and have campfires in the evening's. We start a fund. Say we're 3 people. All 3 must sign off on the reason for distributing said funds. Sickness/ jobloss/ preparedness/ land. The amount and reason must be oked by all. If you know a way to have money held until it's needed let me know. Maybe a treasurer I'd voted in. Maybe everyone holds their own money and funds are transfered when voted in. Any constructive additions to this? Don't give up! Lots of good people are looking for a real MAG like me.
  12. Ya ; I hid it because it's proving to be quite a mission to do right. I might have to it in sections
  13. This was in my club for the MAG's article