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  1. For me it comes down to this: Build community before a collapse. While doing this I need to separate resources into caches to minimize risk and build up as much supplies as possible while living life to the fullest. Locate the skills I need and if the time came I could offer them a place in my community as they earned our trust. I find the video is too wishful. They want you to be out and about collecting info and assessing threats but to protect your supplies at all times. A ham radio is a great idea as a safer way of getting news. It's tough for one family to go out and get informed while protecting supplies. This is why a MAG Is so important. No one family can do everything but if you can't find community before a collaspe I would be very careful venturing out past the view of my lookout
  2. Everyone thinks their prepared for a day without power; What about 3 days on a homestead? We lost power in the mourning that was hot and just after a heat wave. I wake up in the afternoon after getting home from the night shift. The power was out and our preps were being tested. I had bought water that mourning so that saved us from the fact the well wasn't working. The money was in the bank so thank goodness the Internet worked and it wasn't EMP. Wife said we couldn't make dinner. Stove was out and so was the propane and we were on a fire ban to boot. I remembered about the two butane stoves and lots of butane I had put away just in case. So we did have a nice stir fry that night. My son left the fridge open a crack so the temperature in the fridge was going down fast. I put 4ltrs of frozen bags of milk to put it back up. We didn't put blankets on the appliances as we thought it was going to last a few mins like all the other outtages. I looked at my 2600 Sq ft garden and dreaded hauling that much water from the creek to water it on top of the greenhouse. We only had one waterer but I would use my food grade buckets so I'd be ok. I went to look to see how the creek was fairing. Bone dry! I'd be ok for one day but I'd be hauling water in my old SUV a km away if it didn't come back by tommorow. It would take hours on end to get the job done I was playing chess with my boy when the power came back on. Kids rushed for the Internet without ever knowing how close we were from buying a generator to keep everything cold and hauling water till we were blue in the face. My prepper friend talked about getting an inverter for my SUV and I remembered I had one already. Untested; new in the box. I'll have to try it before I get caught again. A trick for someone with a small inverter is to connect a smaller car to a bigger car with booster cables and then connecting the inverter to get larger appliances going. We have all metal roofing but no rain catchment. Another project that got put aside when life took over. No gas, money, propane and very little reserves. It was now clear we needed an active MAG and pond as well more than ever. I was happy for the lesson and realized that a prepper quickly becomes a sheeple without his preps and community! I hope you learn from my mistakes so you don't get stuck in this lucky situation or much much worse. Stay safe by being prepared! Do you have a situation that tested your preparations? Protector Thrivethrough.com Club: Homestead Outpost!
  3. We've started harvesting spinach almost every day and we started getting a few strawberries! We're getting some nice radishes and my boy loves to pick wash and hand them out. We've got mint going and the kolrabies are growing nicely. We're due to add soil to the onions and potatoes that are growing well.
  4. Potatoes got some frost but have recovered nicely. We now have radishes/ spinach/ scallions and mint we didn't have before. We're still learning and thank goodness we don't only have this to eat with. Kids found a frog again this year so that made my permaculture heart happy. I want to spread out some plants too close together the next heavy rain. I have a friend using 80% shade cloth to extend his growing season with his strawberries. 2 4 X 8 beds and he's already go 100 perfectly red strawberries! Were learning more everyday! I worried for those that think they can survive off a seed vault and good luck. I'd love to see what you guys got going on in your gardens.
  5. Homemade pita bread pizza! Perfect way to use up leftovers. Also their made in a frying pan so it can be done on a stove/ fireplace and they cook fast.
  6. My 11 year old made a back pack out of an old sweater and a shoe lace. You can use jeans and overalls for more strength. I thought this one would be really useful for Ppl bugging home and caught offguard without gear.
  7. Just noticed that my dog Russell's ears are in the air lol! Love it!
  8. Very nice year for rhubarb and we still got another harvest to go! Perfect filler for juice/ pastries/ bread/ jams and sauces. It doubles your recipes for free! Soak leaves in the sun and create a natural bug repellent for you plants. Perfect for preppers as this plant is unkillable. Competes with grass and wins. No other plant I know gives so much with no care what so ever besides ripping out the flowers so that energy goes to the leaves.
  9. The best is a really good Google and other search engine results. Searching for Prepper MAG/ prepper groups u need to be in the top 3 Next is articles on all the major forums / blogs Basicly the site or you needs to become famous Next would be making it really easy for ppl here to stay anonymous and have a MAG template set up. I created an article on this part as I thought it deserved it.
  10. MAG member application/ aternatives/ supplies distribution/ what to look for in a good MAG member. Name of club Area of operations. Do they encourage ppl from father away to Join ? Type of ppl they want Ex would be No criminal records or none for these crimes/ other ways to know would be professional job like cop, PAL, restricted carry, Physical fitness levels Level of commitment per month or year in meetings and work on BOL Or be willing to pay X to get your part of the work done Min requirements for food, water , emergency fund, gas, medical supplies, tools, plants animals, training, emergency preparedness plans, have the min supplies for family and friends you wish to bring Have X supplies or have paid for the supplies to be waiting for you at the BOL and alternate BOL What do you bring to the table Skills Training Family/ friends training Assets to include transportation, land, tools, plants, animal, seeds, Attitude Screening process This is getting to know the person (discord, bbm group)for 1 to 4 years and get togethers about a dozen times at least so that everyone trusts everyone. Setting up caches in each others Holmes. Do they offer you supplies they have to much of. Do they offer to get you supplies because they are in a place that things are on sale. Do they offer to come give you a hand or pay for someone to help you in a emergency or to enhance the BOL. Me and my prepper friend regularly do this for each other. Time or money is important in every part of life and especially in a MAG A important facet to me is to have a ticket to enter the BOL. To have enough supplies on hand for you and everyone you bring for 3months to a year or more depending on what the group decides. Also building the place to store your supplies. Suburbia 3 months at home. Double the preps in time, in different caches every 30- 100 kms on the way to BOL (members could share caches and leave anonymous msgs for eachother) Preps need to be in different places at BOL an secondary BOL and at home in case of theft. A cool trick for caches I just thought up is put a big piece of metal then put a cache with ok things a foot under the big metal piece and two feet under the first put the essential things in another cache. This works in case someone with a metal detector finds your cache or someone's threatening you or your loved ones you give them the first cache. I like 1month caches for secondary BOLs per family or 1 plastic barrel each using the above method. Chances are nobody will be watching the 2 BOL so the more caches you have in different places. The less chances you have of them all being discovered. Their needs to be rules of conduct and sanctions going from extra duties to expulsion/ trial if theirs no rules of law. This would be a majority vote. One vote per family unit. Some in know including myself know that some ppl will never be prepared but would be extremly useful TEOTWAWKI. So they prep for them and are content that their skills / work ethic/ blood relations are enough to get them in the group. THIS IS YOUR CHOICE and it's obviously 1000 times better than being one family alone like in Obviously it's going to feel like you did all the work and everyone else wasn't serious. You'd be right and what's worse chances are you have to accept 1 to 10 ppl with that doctor because he can't live without them. They'd all need to be screened as you will be sleeping in the same house or protected area. This can be done fairly cheaply using the LDS food calculator numbers and agricultural wholesale grain bins or buying approx 40 40kg bags of a grain at one time at a grain elevator. The space will become the problem quickly but at least you will have a doctor or nurse for ex to heal you in a TEOTWAWKI event such as 2 week state or province blackout.