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Status Replies posted by ProtectorCdn

  1. Sepp Holzer's largest installation in North America, created and available to you https://t.co/kW61Zt2EN6

    1. ProtectorCdn


      Awesome video! It would be really cool for you to get that land and start a community like Paul has but different. I'd definitely visit that place if it was in the same state as me.

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  2. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/EMljMQj68J Essential Skills for a Self-Sufficient Community - Permaculture

    1. ProtectorCdn


      I'm starting to think one would need celebrity to do this; Millions hear about it and you have 10-15 people inquire about "living" in your community. Most just visit and one gets it and stays. I'd be happy with 20 like minded families willing to do the work or pay to have others do their share. The place needs a central leader or elders that apply age old rules. Cool but firm and that's why only one stays. 

      Who pays for the land/ rent/ if the owners run the show most would be scared to get kicked out like what happened to me if one gets the boot for being a lazy slob. 

      Having people that can live off an angel investor like Paul is important because most jobs aren't in the same area. I travel 10hrs for meetings/ 3:10mins and 4hrs in bad weather for traveling per shift. Most won't do that even if they could. 

      Governments prevent community living in a lot of places. Unincorporated land seems to be the only place this can be done legally in Canada. Unincorporated land is usally far from jobs/ family. 

      That's a lot of negativity but these issues need to be hammered out if a network of communities is to become a reality.

      The upsides are tremendous: low cost of living/ living and working with friends/ sense of accomplishment/ happier more developed children because they were raised by a community/ never alone if you don't want to be/ it's our problem! Not yours alone/ speed of work/ goals accomplishment/ learning knew skills/ kids grow up being jacks of all trades and specializes in what they like most. These kids wouldn't change job types ten times and start at a low salary. They would know what they wanted from the get go.

      I can't wait to see a real example that works with families. I still have hope that at least a vacation spot can be found; Maybe more