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  1. http://www.hds.to/films/no-escape-2015-streaming.php?v=vo. This is the most realistic movie I've seen in a long time. Shit has hit the fan and you have to get your family out. No idea where you are but the attackers are killing everyone in their path. I know my 14 year old wouldn't make that jump and no way I could throw her. Thank goodness I live in boring northern Canada. 8hours away from possible martial law or civil unrest. Prepare while you still can!
  2. I got a five gal bucket of chlorine granules today as they store better and don't degrade like javex does. Be careful when buying a smaller package as this one was 5$ less for 3 gals more product! I have a felling I'm good for five years now but I said one just to be sure. I was told to make sure I didn't get the granules wet until I had too as you cold make chlorine gas. What a great barter item as well. Create bleach and have repeat customers. Another plus for using calcium hypochlorite to disinfect water for emergency use is that a little goes a very long way. A 1-pound pag of calcium hypochlorite in granular form typically costs only a few US dollars and can be obtained in any swimming pool supply section of your hardware store or online. This amount will treat up to 10,000 gallons of drinking water, which is enough for a family of four for some six or seven years at a gallon per day per person! from this site: https://readynutrition.com/resources/better-than-bleach-use-calcium-hypochlorite-to-disinfect-water_19062010/ What's your recipes for using this product in cleaning and water purification?
  3. So we finished our bed in our greenhouse today. We still have to add plastic on sides and bottom length wise where the fence is. I put the wood on the joists to hang down cordage and tie to plants like commercial greenhouses but I'm not sure what to attach it with. Theirs cucumbers/ tomatoes/ celery/ egg plant/ hot peppers and cantaloupe. Their bought this year but most have flowers already and a hot pepper even has a little green pepper growing. This is the old rabbit coop; so it is mostly rabbit pellets and old hay. The part we dug and raised 1,5ft. Sifted almost like sand through the broadfork. I can see the whole green house filled next year. I just learned tomatoes and cucumbers don't go well together! If I didn't share I would have never known
  4. I'm happy you've experienced different. My greenhous is going much better too. Thanks for posting. You're lucky to have such a great growing season. You're slow season is like my summer from what I've heard. Peace
  5. I liked this one because the guy actually has a MAG and speaks from experience. For sure I'm one of the guys that pushes hard for a MAG. Probably because I've got a lot going and I'd rather have 500 perennials for five families than the 100 or so we have now. If your in central Canada and don't mind travelling once in a while check out my looking for a MAG post
  6. My big post lately got me a visit to a MAG at their BOL. Their actually doing and building something. Spending time working on their BOL. I also have tow more possible families. Hopes are high. The way we're set up is well be the secondary BOL at best being 10hrs away but in the mean time I would have a southern location to grow food and good people to exchange ideas with. ______________________________________ I'm no expert but posting everyday is key to a website working. They need information like what you were saying previously about courses that would make you valuable to a MAG. Security guarantees would do a lot to attract serious folks. Giveaways and the manuals must have helped. Leading by example and having your group with their own club would help us believe this is possible. Right now I see facebook, meetups, messenging apps like BBM forums, craigslist, kijiji and and sites like yours. It's hard for me because their isn't too many Ppl from Canada to link with. I've invited probably thousands at this point to visit the site. We seem to get more visitors now. We just need to give them a reason to stay. I haven't heard one person besides you and me talk about thrivethrough.com so that's a huge problem. Out of sight. Out of mind. I know you've got things in the works so I'm being patient. I still think secure instant chat within the group and a main chat would make this a great place. If their is security you need to post that and independent verification. My two cents.
  7. My wife was having trouble with the wood stove smoking out in the house so I thought I'd create this guide to help others. Sometimes a different perspective can help resolve issues quickly. Feel free to add your comments and experiences. That's what makes everyone stronger. Stove is smoking from the inside: Did the cap fall off your T outside? If not your chimney is probably cold. Cold chimneys don't pull smoke as good as warm ones. Make sure the flue is open. 1. Close everything and let the fire die take out wood with gloves and put it in a place it won't spark and burn the house down. 2. use scrunched paper and put it at the end of the stove. Start the paper. 3. leave the stove door open just enough so you can hear the air pressure going up the chimney. This will force the hot air up and out the chimney. Do this for a few mins adding paper as your confidence builds the smoke isn't backflowing any longer. 4. Once you see the temperature gage go up to decent levels. You know everything's ok and start with small wood. Safety: Clean out your chimney at least once a year and more often if your using green wood Have a fire alarm/ carbon monoxide detector on every single floor. Two in garage and outbuildings. Batteries won't last long in the cold and you don't get 2nd chances. Is and extra $100 of detectors worth your families life? Chances are if something happens you won't be home. So get insurance. One is none/ two is one and three is for me. Have fire extinguishers in every bedroom and on every floor. Get ABC extinguishers so you don't have issues with kinds of fires. Once a month flip em in the holder and bang them with a rubber mallet. Do fire drills ever year: make sure you have a way to get out upstairs. Get a ladder box and bolt it into the floor if u have to. Try it to see if it's safe for kids.
  8. The first time I called the fire department to ask for tips he was laughing. I was like WTF my family never had a stove and I don't wanna burn the house down. He changed his tune. Using a wood stove is a skill. Be careful and you can overheat a stove. Get a temperature gage and stay within the safe burning zone. Anyone that starts a fire without water or an extinguisher is irresponsible. Be smart with fire!
  9. Your taking chances hidding too. To me a group a the tried and tested castle could protected everyone and help a community and keep the peace in an area. it woulds take a lot of money and a big group to pull off. What pisses me off is I see all these great people homesteading and I know we would get 4 times more done if two hard working people would work together. Just 2 imagine a group! I've done it before. It wasn't repaid but their fences and animals/ roofs thanked me everyday and still do today. The effects of working together on a homestead is long lasting through time. Just look at Elisa Spring farm. Those families are going to have enough perennial fruit to sell and feed their families! Its like its a badge of honor to suffer alone! People are going to say wives help and thank goodness I have one that does but brute strength really make a difference along with experience. You try to give people land to farm on and they won't take it! Large cities do better for this because of population density. This is why being in an extremely low density area I have to span my net so wide. I'm thinking about having land in an eco village just to be near like minded folks working together. Preppers are the most paranoid folk I know! Everyone wants a MAG and harps about it. Nobody is truly willing to put the perrenial systems in place to support such a community. What if they don't return my help? Then you don't need to waste anymore time on them! Plus karmas a bitch! I wouldn't want that kind of luck clouding over me. You got experience and are even more valuable to a group. I learned bare hand fence building from these type of people and I'm greatfull for that. I used to cut and then drag the firewood home for an old lady on a kids sled lol That's hard work! What if they find my homestead and come take it come TEOTWAWKI? I would never mess with a homesteader. Their much stronger than you and would beat you with experience. We're hunters/ trappers and protecting our land is what we do to survive. It's everything to us because the land protects our families in absence of a MAG. They'll pick easer targets than us and if not nobody will have o worry about them anymore. I don't have time? You have time to mess around on the Internet. You have time to fumble around trying to get things done by yourself. Taking months to build a small garden when a larger one could be made in a week and you'd be years ahead. Just continue working alone and being alone. The second one of you gets sick the whole homestead shuts down to a trickle and you'll be another good example of why homesteading doesn't work. Do you live in a great place and would like a family like mine helping you have a real self sufficient homestead? Do you want to do the same on mine? MSG me here or g r e n i e r @ g a r d e n e r . c o m
  10. For sure I get what you all are saying but local here is very hard. I'm trying not to get down about not having a close prepping partner. I like fighting to advance as part of a team with Nobel goals. One day someone will see what I'm doing and will want us to be part of what their doing or want us in their MAG. If I work hard enough good things will come of it.
  11. The Movie Alone with Victor mortheson really cemented my need to prep. Wandering a TEOTWAWKI world with 4 instead of 1 kid. Eating my dogs and cat to survive. Never safe. Never knowing where my next meal will come from. Bearly surviving. Knowing you can't run away from danger because you can't carry all those kids very far. I started to prepare because I wanted to give my family the best chance to survive and thrive in this changing world. Everyone's more and more in debt. Crazy temperature swings, Terrorism, natural disasters, job loss, sickness, medication dependency, ppls inability to grow their own food. Bugging out was the very last resort after this movie.
  12. For me it comes down to this: Build community before a collapse. While doing this I need to separate resources into caches to minimize risk and build up as much supplies as possible while living life to the fullest. Locate the skills I need and if the time came I could offer them a place in my community as they earned our trust. I find the video is too wishful. They want you to be out and about collecting info and assessing threats but to protect your supplies at all times. A ham radio is a great idea as a safer way of getting news. It's tough for one family to go out and get informed while protecting supplies. This is why a MAG Is so important. No one family can do everything but if you can't find community before a collaspe I would be very careful venturing out past the view of my lookout
  13. Everyone thinks their prepared for a day without power; What about 3 days on a homestead? We lost power in the mourning that was hot and just after a heat wave. I wake up in the afternoon after getting home from the night shift. The power was out and our preps were being tested. I had bought water that mourning so that saved us from the fact the well wasn't working. The money was in the bank so thank goodness the Internet worked and it wasn't EMP. Wife said we couldn't make dinner. Stove was out and so was the propane and we were on a fire ban to boot. I remembered about the two butane stoves and lots of butane I had put away just in case. So we did have a nice stir fry that night. My son left the fridge open a crack so the temperature in the fridge was going down fast. I put 4ltrs of frozen bags of milk to put it back up. We didn't put blankets on the appliances as we thought it was going to last a few mins like all the other outtages. I looked at my 2600 Sq ft garden and dreaded hauling that much water from the creek to water it on top of the greenhouse. We only had one waterer but I would use my food grade buckets so I'd be ok. I went to look to see how the creek was fairing. Bone dry! I'd be ok for one day but I'd be hauling water in my old SUV a km away if it didn't come back by tommorow. It would take hours on end to get the job done I was playing chess with my boy when the power came back on. Kids rushed for the Internet without ever knowing how close we were from buying a generator to keep everything cold and hauling water till we were blue in the face. My prepper friend talked about getting an inverter for my SUV and I remembered I had one already. Untested; new in the box. I'll have to try it before I get caught again. A trick for someone with a small inverter is to connect a smaller car to a bigger car with booster cables and then connecting the inverter to get larger appliances going. We have all metal roofing but no rain catchment. Another project that got put aside when life took over. No gas, money, propane and very little reserves. It was now clear we needed an active MAG and pond as well more than ever. I was happy for the lesson and realized that a prepper quickly becomes a sheeple without his preps and community! I hope you learn from my mistakes so you don't get stuck in this lucky situation or much much worse. Stay safe by being prepared! Do you have a situation that tested your preparations? Protector Thrivethrough.com Club: Homestead Outpost!
  14. We've started harvesting spinach almost every day and we started getting a few strawberries! We're getting some nice radishes and my boy loves to pick wash and hand them out. We've got mint going and the kolrabies are growing nicely. We're due to add soil to the onions and potatoes that are growing well.
  15. Potatoes got some frost but have recovered nicely. We now have radishes/ spinach/ scallions and mint we didn't have before. We're still learning and thank goodness we don't only have this to eat with. Kids found a frog again this year so that made my permaculture heart happy. I want to spread out some plants too close together the next heavy rain. I have a friend using 80% shade cloth to extend his growing season with his strawberries. 2 4 X 8 beds and he's already go 100 perfectly red strawberries! Were learning more everyday! I worried for those that think they can survive off a seed vault and good luck. I'd love to see what you guys got going on in your gardens.
  16. Homemade pita bread pizza! Perfect way to use up leftovers. Also their made in a frying pan so it can be done on a stove/ fireplace and they cook fast.
  17. My 11 year old made a back pack out of an old sweater and a shoe lace. You can use jeans and overalls for more strength. I thought this one would be really useful for Ppl bugging home and caught offguard without gear.
  18. Very nice year for rhubarb and we still got another harvest to go! Perfect filler for juice/ pastries/ bread/ jams and sauces. It doubles your recipes for free! Soak leaves in the sun and create a natural bug repellent for you plants. Perfect for preppers as this plant is unkillable. Competes with grass and wins. No other plant I know gives so much with no care what so ever besides ripping out the flowers so that energy goes to the leaves.