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  1. Caly

    Waking Up

    First of you are using the fallacy of anecdotal evidence. In no way do you here take any account for weather the ends justifies the means, or weather the means tactually leads to the assumed ends.? Your entire arguments falls flat for the simple reason yothat you can use the exact same argument for how to use this suystem for your own agendas. And they all do. You are arguing pretty much as if you could waltz into any other religulous institution and just pray for everyone to become less religulous. And in doing so you are promoting a perpetuation of the very religion that destroys us. It is a very strange and effective conditioning people believeing in religulous rituals like voting has. And it is STILL mob rule, EVEN when the rare instance of an alleed positive outcome happens. Yes, we can stop wars, and the ONLY way is by rejecting the religion of statetheism, the very creator of ALL of those wars. All of them! Full stop. "This system used to work. It is broken, ... " This is just factually and historically grossly incorrect. The system still works PERFECTLY for what it was designed to do. There is no instance in history where a government was formed for the betterment of the people. None. Tere is no instance in history where having government mafia has had a ned positive benefit on society. Never. One issue with your religion is that politics never ever changes society for the better, only technology does. Your example with the banks are perfect. Bitcoin does not beg for banksters and politician parasites to allow them to chave economic freedoms, it simply created it by design. There are a gazillion examples of how making the old crap obsolete is the effective way, whils pissing, moaning and whining on your owners never ever achieved anything in the history of humanity. "Our Founding Fathers where much smarter and wiser then you and I" Nonsense. Thay had way less knowledge about history and the nature of human interactions, just to name a few key elements of essence. They obviously made many mistakes and were entirely unsucessful in maintaining any kind of liberty. Also, YOUR founding fathers has nothing to do woth you, no bearing on our life etc. And as usual, I take any opportunity to point out to american'ts that you are only a measly 4% of world population. The wolrd does not revolve around you, nor does the reaining 96% of us give two shits about your particular tax farms history or their illigimate doings. Ethics and philosophy is universal. Something is true or false regardless of where you are, who your historical megalomaniacs was, and so on. And voting is still an act of aggression by proxy, an attepmt at delegateing rights you don't have. It is the hacking on the ranches of evil as famous pu by Thoreau. "Freedom requires participation. " Meaningless plattitude is meaningless. Sometimes it requires NON participation. Your regurgitation of your slavemasters slogans impresses no free man.
  2. Caly

    Waking Up

    Very good summary of the process of awakening indeed! I have no problem with your premise at all, but I was really surprised to read a part of your conclusion that I can’t for my life understand why it’s in there, and I strongly reject it, namely that people should vote or run for office. This is about the most detrimental, destructive and evil act any one person can do. The participation in the spectacle of politics is also to give validity to it. By voting you say that you are okay with the collectivist idea that whoever wins this pathetic meaningless popularity-contests, have the right to rule you, bu means on the monopoly on violence. You and EVERYONE else, regardless of who they voted for, or if they voted or agree with being slaves under this insane system. The same goes for participating in the completely fraudulent mafia protection-racket called taxation. Democracy is just a finer word for mob-rule, and it has no place in a sane and free society. What any person actually awake would do, is reject statism and politics for the insane religion it is, and distance themselves from taking part in it in any way they can. I can recommend watching “Sunset of the state” by Stefan Molyneux, or read a wiki article about non-aggression. I would also recommend the documentaries “Hacking Democracy” and “Electile Dysfunction” to name a few.