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  1. Zai Square Food Garden Review

    Those were just design ideas. Ya there may be better ways to do them. Auto venting of some kind would be nice. For the rain catch I just assume anything that you could make to work.
  2. Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

    Yes looks like another investment for me, along with the Dremel tool for sharpening my chain saw.
  3. Thermodynamics for the Homestead

    Yes I worked in the tool room at ANO 6 outages 1990 to 1993 approx. I worked in the hot tool room and in the containment cans.
  4. Sprouts

    Egg foo young sounds great, I will have to try this.
  5. Irrigating the Garden While Away

    Good tips, thanks. Much appreciated. Yes I think the settling tanks would be a much better way to go than pumping pond water directly into the pressure tank. Some of these emitters claim to be self flushing, (how well that works we can only find out the hard way). My dad uses a large pressurized sand filter on the farm on our water well mostly to filter out iron. We may have to get one of those also. If I remember right it was in the line between the pressure tank and the house. It had to be flushed every now and then. I think he used potassium permanganate in it as well to help remove the iron. I’d say with drip irrigation capture rain water might be best.
  6. Introduction To Cartography – Mapping the Garden Spot

    Yes true. I have some new plans, I will get a laser square/angle finder and measure things a lot more accurately. I will also double check with triangulation. I could even measure a series of right triangles to get a very accurate position from one station to another. And I will be buying the better compass and clinometer.
  7. Hyperinflation 101

    Sounds logical. Investing in some concrete things like metals and land might be a good thing.
  8. Hydroponics for the Homestead

    Thanks, well I’ve thought about starting plants in the truck actually. But with a student it wouldn’t work all the space is taken up. It would be difficult for me to try this without a partner who is there to do the actual monitoring and work,. I’d have to be the partner that funds the project and shows up once a month to assist a little.
  9. Hair-Popping Sharp Knives

    Good article Jeffrey. Can you use more of the sand paper to be more economical. It would seem to me that one might be concerned with cost of sand paper. I know you said use it like its free, but might depend on how important the sharpening job is or seems to be. Could the sand paper be cleaned and reused for a given number of times in one location on it? Cleaning it would give you the ability to see the feedback you were talking about on a 2nd use.
  10. Drinking Glasses from Wine Bottles

    This is a very good idea that I had never thought of. You explained all the details on how to get this done very well. Enjoyed the photos too. I’m wondering if there are any other kinds of bottles that might work as well. I’ll have to do some thinking on that, like sauce bottles. Or other bottles grocery items come in.
  11. Dead Simple Fodder System

    Do you get the barely seed at the co-op? will tractor and farm supplies carry it?
  12. Cost of Prepping, Food for Thought

    About my reference to God. That point was for the readers that believe, not for those that do not. Open Office is freeware as I understand. And from what I learned yesterday it is not being improved anymore. Libre Office is open source and free and has active development. So yes it might be a better choice. Yes it seems much of prepping is investment.
  13. Chicken-of-the-woods mushrooms

    Nice looking mushroom. I had not thought of contacting college to find a mushroom group. A quick question.. In growing your own mushrooms is it possible for a poison one to cross pollinate/breed or whatever mushrooms do that is and make a good mushroom poison or mildly toxic? Can this happen to wild mushrooms? Also are toxins in mushrooms widely varied or of only a limited few types? I’m also wondering if someone has analyzed mushrooms both domestic and wild for nutritional data.
  14. Alternative Fuels In Diesel Engines

    Good post. I've been wondering for a while now how a person can get oil from things he can grow. I suppose if you dry the seed/plant water is removed but not oils. Something like a roller mill might be used to squeese out oils. Otherwise maybe some type of hydraulic press. Next question is how much oil you can get from a given ammount of vegie matter. Now one thing you didn't mention is animal fats.
  15. 20' Sea Container BOL Fast and Hopefully Cheap