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  1. Shock! 70% of Wealthy Families Lose Their Wealth By The Second Generation!
  2. Oh No! Free Markets Are Incredibly Dangerous And Must Be Restrained!
  3. Am I Wrong About Single Mothers?
  5. 'Makers' Versus 'Takers'
  6. Why Can’t We Hate Men? Wait, What?
  7. Think! Wouldn't Universal Basic Income Be Great For Society?
  8. The Truth About America's Population Replacement
  9. S5 ● E47 A message from an older farmer...
  10. They Lied About My Biological Father
  11. MrHandyBot

    Prepping as a grandparent now.

    Prepping as a grandparent now.
  12. Real world threats to me and friends...Tips to survive it.
  13. MrHandyBot

    S5 ● E46 A snapshot in time...

    S5 ● E46 A snapshot in time...
  14. Dumpster diving and salvaging for useful items.
  15. S5 ● E45 Weathering a storm with 3 week old broilers