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  1. NOW you tell me that tomatoes and cukes don't grow well together.. My GARDEN doesn't grow well... LOL the rain gave me 3/4 inch tomato plant stems and white cucumbers.. So today I took CUTTINGS of my thick tomato stems.. going to start new plants for a second crop of tomatoes. (Alabama. Zone 8B)
  2. Josiah, he makes a good point, though. Its gonna be difficult to find preppers nearby. It happens, but most preppers I know aren't telling anybody. My friends would think I was sick if I didn't share homesteading videos and talk about my gardening adventures. Not everyone knows how deep my rabbit hole goes, though. It would be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff if everyone local knew my business. I can come here, share and learn, and more than likely, none of you live within 100 miles of me. Better to do as SouthernPrepper1 suggests and join/form your own local group. If SHTF, my friends I met here in Arizona and Texas can't help me and I can't help them. But my neighbor 6 miles down the road and I can help each other from time to time. We may even double up...