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  1. Travis Toler

    Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

    I’ve seen the latest model of the Work Sharp system at Cabela’s last weekend, and put off buying it because the price was at $99. After researching I think I might be heading back up there to purchase. I’m one of those people, who can’t seem to find a sharpening stone when I need it. This would solve that problem as It would be staring at me from the bench. Do you think this would be a good investment in leiu of a bench grinder?
  2. Travis Toler

    Why We Should All Be RE-Learning How to Forage

    I enjoyed this article. Foraging is definitely a lost art. Thanks for sharing this info.
  3. Travis Toler

    What is a Paleo Diet

    I think we need to look at the root of the problem here. The same folks who are capitalizing on the food industry are also constantly selling us on diet gimicks. You absolutely can eat whatever you want, but why would you. These arguments are likely started by folks who have never put themselves through the regime of weeding their bodies off carbohydrates, and have truly felt the benefit of reform. I agree with Jack that processed foods are a drug and do the same thing to the body (based on my experience). Who is to say that paleo man had a shorter lifespan, when the bible tells us that living to 120-150yrs was pretty common. The argument that we are more sickly as a race now than ever in human history, seems to be a misnoemer among those supporting the claims that you can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise. Why don’t these studies look at our diet and compare what we ate then and what we eat now that make such claims? Probably because the same institutions that conduct this research are being paid by the same institutes that produce our processed foods, and run the food chains that keep us addicted and thus enslaved to their existance. Wow, sorry for the rant. I don’t think it is safe to boast that anybody can eat whatever they want as long as they perform the activity that will counteract the diet. This is detrimental in and of itself, but we will never convince those that are firmly rooted in this belief. Why would you eat a pizza and then go run a couple miles. Who actually does this? Great sell for those convinced it is possible though.
  4. Travis Toler

    What is a Paleo Diet

    @Willy2154 That is a great idea with the “Paleo Muffins” Sounds like an omelet on-the-go. Definitely will add that to the menu. I find breakfast difficult as well and sometimes just eat a handful of grapes, raisins or trail mix. It tides me over, but not as appetizing as sitting eating steak and eggs everyday.
  5. Travis Toler

    What is a Paleo Diet

    My girlfriend and I went on the Paleo diet last September, and are both feeling wonderful and have lost quite a significant amount of weight. I decided that I would not measure myself, not even weekly. I haven’t stepped on a scale in a couple years, and I feel better than I have in quite a few years. We fall off the wagon once in a while, but we pay for it. I want to begin fasting a couple times a month just to take it to the next level. You are right about this quickly becomes a lifestyle that is rewarded by how you feel, and not by how well you stick to it and how little you eat. This is the first diet that I feel 100% confident that this is not a weight loss scheme, but a way that is how we are suppose to eat, based on 25,000 years of existence as humans.
  6. Travis Toler

    The Scary $5 Water Heater / Gas Grill Propane Tank Emergency Expedient

    Why not just replace the orafices as well. This is not that hard to do and if you are using a traditional hot water heater you could do this easily enough. Additionally I want to add that what about connecting a larger say 75lb tank to the gas main instead of hacking your water heater. If you replace the orafices in your water heater and other gas appliances, say stove and maybe furnace, you could easily run all these with propane tapped from the gas main. I lived in a house in the mountains and we were equipped with propane. Natural gas was later offered in our area and we quickly had it installed to avoid the huge fuel bills of propane at the time. I asked the tech to equip a switch at the main to allow both propane and natural gas. He strongly advised me against this and installed the switch after much debate. This gave me the ability to run natural gas primarily and use propane as a fail over. Of course he left me all the original (propane)orafices and told me the consequences to just switching to propane with a natural gas orafice. I never put this into practice but the lesson here is that all your appliances that run on natural gas can be made to safely run on propane if you switch the orafices out. Next issue is how difficult is this to do. Well my wife was able to do the orafices in the stove with no problems, but the water heater and furnace proved to be a bit more difficult, but if you can install a by-pass like the article above then switching an orafice is not that difficult. Consult your owners manual on the specific appliance and maybe do some online research to convert your specific appliance from natural gas to propane or vice versa, and enjoy… No disclaimers or wrath of god is needed to do the job correctly and the way a professional would. This is something that can be learned and done yourself. Anything one person can do another can do as well.
  7. Travis Toler

    The Future of Permaculture

    Thanks for this article, I have been on the fence with some of these topics, but see that there is benefit in becoming more self reliant and reducing my dependency from commercial growers, and big agriculture. I am not all that familiar with the permaculture community, but I can see how things get easily distorted when they tailor the principles to fit their own needs. I am also a strong believer that we each have to take back the responsibility for providing for ourselves and seek our own solutions through community and “Do-acracy”. By doing we are not only showing those that doubt, but we are directly benefiting while those that complain lose credibility.
  8. Travis Toler

    The Food Movement

    Really like the article. Is there an easy way to make/get compost tea and what is the difference between that and lechate?
  9. Travis Toler

    Secrets of the Morel Mushroom

    Hopefully your dog won’t find them as delicious as my two dogs have. They are usually good mushroom hunters, and only occasionally eat one or two. They love being in the woods with us.
  10. Travis Toler

    Secrets of the Morel Mushroom

    Thank you. I’m glad you found it helpful. Good luck on your next hunt, and may you find a bounty of morel mushrooms and possibly other wild edibles.
  11. Travis Toler

    Secrets of the Morel Mushroom

    Any fear can usually be overcome with education. Humans used to live on a diet containing wild edibles. Somehow through the years, we have dis-associated ourselves from the natural world and have convinced ourselves that food must come in a package and be government regulated before being consumed. We need to re analyze this belief as our population has never been riddled with more illnesses digestive problems and cancers as a result of “modernizing” our food production. I dream of a world where wild edibles will become more plentiful, and a standard in our diets.
  12. Travis Toler

    Morels Hiding in the Shadows

    MJR, thanks for the read. Glad you enjoy this activity. I like to take my kids along and when they were younger I think they enjoyed hunting for morels more than easter eggs. This is an activity that the whole family can enjoy. I am of the newer mindset and that is to share your honey holes for others to enjoy as well. If others enjoy a little success they will be sold hook line and sinker on hunting morels in the spring. BUT, don’t give away all your secrets. A good morel hunter can walk out of the forest with a bounty of morels when others are walking aimlessly asking themselves if they are too early or too late. I feel this activity will thrive if more morel hunters partake in this activity, and collect morels using mesh bags so they end up propogating new areas on each outing. Want to see more pictures of morels head over to my flickr site and check out my morel set: https://www.flickr.com/photos/travisty2008/sets/72157626427564791/
  13. Travis Toler

    Keeping Honey Bees for Survival - How to Get Started

    Michael, what type of bee would you recommend for someone with a small backyard garden/homestead say 50’x50′ yard. I live in an older neighborhood in an urban area and have a 6′ privacy fence, and have been considering getting some bees. My concerns are that I don’t really want to inadvertently myself or my neighbors to cause a swarm. How few bees can I safely keep in this confined area without the hive growing out of control? Are there other options such as fruit flies that might better aid/serve my pollination needs? Any info is helpful, thanks. BTW great article. I love the series and have listened to you respond to questions on TSP.
  14. Travis Toler

    Increasing Chicken Egg Laying Production

    Also when changing their routine or diet, I find if you spend more time with them through the transition, and provide them some extra supplement, such as some meal worms, red worms, or other treat for your girls, they will transition and adjust quicker. The occasional treat of unsalted no butter popcorn also helps them transition and pickup egg production.
  15. Travis Toler

    Increasing Chicken Egg Laying Production

    Hey, I have found that by increasing the hens daylight hours through the winter by putting a light in their coop and set on a timer, your egg production will sustain.