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  1. Excellent, I also speak of resistance on my site as well . The benefits are many and no equipment is actually necessary at all. Just your body weight and even your body itself when resisting against your own muscle. Very cool ! Your explanations show clearly the simplicity of it all. Thanks for a very good article. I am sure it will help many. Coming at you soon !
  2. Steve Baze

    Who Are We And What Do We Stand For?

    The revolution is in our minds, our thinking ! Of course nobody wants any kind of actual real conflict, but it may not be completely impossible to avoid if things unfold out of our control ? Lots of good comments Mark, but I think we are already divided and quite deliberately. That is a very big problem with no easy answer. You mention many good groups. I cannot friend you because I have a business acct and no ability to do so but feel free to friend me and I will post something off your page and you can then comment on my page. Good on Ya !
  3. Steve Baze

    What it Means to Detox - Part 1 of 3

    Lots of excellent info and down to earth ideas on detox. The weekly juice thingy is very good and likely should be a regular part of ones health regimen and diet. The liver may be the single most important organ considering it is a main filter? But A balanced endocrine system is also part of the equation and not at all difficult to accomplish. I will be writing something that enhances the gardening part shortly and a fitness update that is easy to accomplish. Dandelion root , chard, cabbage, arugula and beets all in the ground and doing well since weather changed recently. Good on Ya, and thanx for all your info.
  4. Steve Baze

    What is the Best Handgun to Buy?

    I completely agree , there is no such thing as the perfect or right firearm of any type. Pistol rifle or ? It is all about the intended purpose and how a specific make or model feels to the user. It must be user friendly or it is likely a mistake. After that it is all about spending some time and getting well versed in all conditions and completely comfortable in all conditions with any weapon/firearm. Those things take a little repetitive time. I have my own preferences but they are based on many factors and much use. Familiarization and rapid target acquisition which only come with practice are the real issues. There certainly are a lot of brands, models and calibers to confuse people these days. Good on Ya !
  5. Steve Baze

    What is a Paleo Diet

    Scott , I agree on some of your points, but the author makes some good points as well.You both have valid ideas going on. I am completely convinced that the actual truth of it all lies some where in the middle of both of your thesis and ideas/experiences. There are very few absolutes in any of it regarding health and fitness? Just a lot of generalities that seem to apply to most of us rather consistently. We do all process our food and the world we live in slightly differently. Don’t forget that there is a continuous barrage of information floating around out there constantly, a lot of which is actually not good advice at all. That is why we are constantly bombarded with all manner of conflicting information about new diets and supposed new scientific facts? Some of which is accurate and some not. So it really is all about finding what works for you and incorporating those things into your life and daily regimen. And also filtering out some of the bad info. No question we can’t eat ding dongs and chicken skin and be healthy, but moderation and some balance goes a long way in all things . Combine that with some effort and good research and your application of that information and you will find a winning formula. I think you both made some very good points. And both overlook a few things that are completely valid. But that does not make anybody completely wrong or right ? Good on both of Ya !
  6. Steve Baze

    What is a Paleo Diet

    Good article, but lots of stuff left out about health and real fitness. It is all about how we think about these things in our life and nothing else really. There is no magic or Paleo thingy or anything else ? It is all about how much exertion and what you eat . Simple as that. All else is some form of hokus pokus or misinformation. It is actually much simpler than the writer expresses. I eat pretty much whatever I want, but I do watch the amount of carbs without doing without anything? One thing I completely disagree on is POTATOES. They are very good for you actually . Like all things it is just about balance and moderation verses your physical output ? Although I like sweet potatoes a lot as well.
  7. Steve Baze

    The Use of Force Spectrum: Physical Force

    Mindset is the most important factor of all defensive or even offensive techniques. Not sure it can be taught, but it can be acquired. But only with hands on experience. Same is true of fitness and they definitely are one and the same thing. Both equal confidence and that equals ability.
  8. Steve Baze

    The Changing Face of the Prepper Movement and Preparedness

    By the way JD, I am all for reinstating spankings ! in the popular culture for bad acts ……………….worked for me when I was a numbskull. Besides that I think kids need to know what boundaries are all about. A spanking never hurt anybody and may have done a lot of good ? We have gone way too far in some areas and besides, the government at any level has no business interjecting on such affairs of people. Just saying .
  9. Steve Baze

    The Changing Face of the Prepper Movement and Preparedness

    Thanks for your in depth commentary JD. You must have read my site or are of the same mindset in general ? I suppose I could be called a sort of capitalist “modified” hippy these days HA HA HA ! Or perhaps a sort of libertarian who is big on the liberty part. I agree we can all play in the same sand box and should. You may have noticed I think nearly all the plutocrats in DC and elsewhere are some form of criminals by their actions not their words. They represent themselves largely and not us who put them there. No question we must unite in the common goal of liberty ,free markets, real fiscal accountability and much smaller government on every level. To me it is all just common sense and we don’t see much of that from our so-called leaders on either side these days. I am NOT a republican per se even though I have mentioned names like Cruz, R Paul, T Gowdy, and Dr Ben Carson. In the past I have given money to both parties, but neither are deserving of anything except a spanking IMO.The reps burned me some years back and I am now all about what makes sense and willing to call out the reps and dems for their sins ! The dems have simply gotten into lockstep with Obama and have greatly damaged themselves. Which IMO shows how absurd the party line thinking can get. So I am all about what is good for the country and people and little else. If you did not go to the site please do and give me your 2 cents worth. I really am wanting to reach some folks with rational common sense dialogue and simply the truth and facts as they exist before us. I am NOT afraid to speak what I see as the truth. I do have conservative leanings but that is not necessarily republicans ? I would not call what I am seeing from the reps conservative thinking or acting? Break down the word conservative to conserve-a tive. Not much conserving going on any where from where I sit ? I have well paid any dues necessary, so chime in. Thanks again for you comments and Good on Ya !
  10. Steve Baze

    The Changing Face of the Prepper Movement and Preparedness

    Hope you gleaned something helpful or insightful JJR ? Many are aware and many more are awakening to their powers ! Realizing the illusions is usually pretty eye opening or an “ah ha moment” that is empowering. I am just trying to bring it all into focus for folks and side step a lot of redundancy and fears. We all have those Inner Powers, we just have to choose to use them ! and let go of the illusions. So is Obamacare an illusion ? Good on Ya !
  11. Steve Baze

    The Changing Face of the Prepper Movement and Preparedness

    Glad you enjoyed it James and Good on Ya ! Hope you found some helpful stuff. Thanks for your comment .
  12. Steve Baze

    The Changing Face of the Prepper Movement and Preparedness

    Thanks for your comments Monica. All true enough and more rabbit holes to go down ? Likely some good and some not so much ! Good on Ya …………..
  13. Steve Baze

    The Changing Face of the Prepper Movement and Preparedness

    Brandon , I fully understand your angst, frustration and or disappointment with it all, in the many who seem clueless to what is obvious. No question we see all manner of craziness in gov policies, malfeasance and even criminal acts everyday. Benghazi would be a glaring example or F&F, there are many more these days ? Believe me many people out there share your thoughts and frustration as they watch the republic become more and more dominated by so-called leaders that in fact side step and or manipulate our laws for political gain or perhaps monetary gain as well. But I have observed this all very closely and people are waking up, perhaps not as fast as you or I might like or think necessary, but it is happening more and more. So don’t get bogged down in other peoples ignorance. The reason is simple ? People are easily fooled and it takes a little effort to look beyond what you are told. The TPTB know that and of course use it to their advantage via PRAVDA and the illusions they create and force feed to the masses. Some how you saw thru it all so you know others can and will realize that the lies and distortion can only be maintained for so long and that is determined by people like you and me. WHY ? Because we will show others just how badly they are getting hosed and no question they do get it as more and more extreme circumstances come to the surface for all to see. Then a light comes on and somebody says Hey , Brandon was right , this is bullshit ! It always happens when those somebodies get directly affected by the bad acts and I can assure you we will see much more of that with Obamacare and numerous other horrific polices that will continue to fall apart and affect many people. The real unemployment numbers and the near complete loss of our industrial manufacturing base are a huge factor of people becoming totally disenfranchised with what was once USA ? Those are the people I have been watching and gathering stats. But I have had numerous people make comments on how they now see thru it like never before and fully realize all the garbage. And many are young. Of course it all concerns me, but I am not deterred to keep abreast of the maniacs dealings to some degree. IMO the only way we will ever change anything is to be well informed and know what you are talking about. How else could you even know what was being perpetrated on you and your family ? So I will not bury my head in the sand or ignore any of it, but I also will not be consumed or fret on any of it either. Being well informed so you can take necessary action does not require any form of being consumed or fear. Understanding eliminates fear. I hope you can glean some positives from my site as far as information and mindset are concerned, I imagine you will. There are some excellent resources there for gathering your own data. Hang in there and don’t let other peoples stupid affect what you know to be true. Just understand it all and go live. Maybe get fit or fitter! The only reason I ask your age was my own information. I actually guessed you to be about 40 or younger ! You are in prime time my friend and can stay there for many years, so take care of yourself and be prepared for anything with a smile and glad heart. In all honesty I wish when I was 40, that I knew what I know now ? there is some fuel for thought. BY the way every age is a good thing and a bad thing so focus on the good thing ! Thanks for your follow up. Good on ya………….
  14. Steve Baze

    The Changing Face of the Prepper Movement and Preparedness

    I completely agree with your comment Brandon. You are very perceptive and quite correct. But it is a process and it takes time. I have noticed a definite change in mindsets and largely from younger people 20s-30s. I have numerous friends in that age group and I see this developing at an ever greater pace. So I do see many seeing thru the illusions but many more need to and will. Fortunately for me I am the guy they seem to come to and talk to about such things so its good ! I just had this very discussion tonite in my office with a 29 year old self employed guy I have been mentoring a bit and it involved 5 other people. So just as this garbage has taken a long while to get where it is, it will take some time to unwind. I al;so agree on the amny diversions and foolishness out there to distract weak minds. Although many outlier events can and IMO likely will speed up the process. So I do not think it is only regulated by time , but events and circumstances and there are always many unforeseen circumstances and what I call outlier events. The supposed order of things as we normally perceive it, is the biggest illusion of all. From your comments I imagine you are fully aware of that and how PRAVDA creates and maintains the many illusions we all live under . Kinda weird hey, almost like the matrix but very real indeed ! So is our supposed journalism or MSM any different than PRAVDA of the Soviet state circa 1960s-70s? What haven’t they covered up and hidden ? How many lies and deceit from all ? Is it any different than the politburo of the state ? Not a bit as I see it. I am really glad that you grasp it all and Good on Ya . Very important stuff so spread the word and and cruise over to my site for more in depth rabbit holes…………… Just curios Brandon, what is your age if you don’t mind saying? Thanks Steve Baze
  15. Steve Baze

    The Changing Face of the Prepper Movement and Preparedness

    Well JR looks like your dad must have mentioned it to you ? Just kidding. Thanks for the comment and hope your Dad gets better. Been waiting on him for awhile. Appreciate your thoughts. I have certainly noticed a lot more younger people in their 20s-30s waking up to all the illusions and control mechanisms. I get those comments and feedback all the time and more frequently lately. Actually very encouraging. Also a lot of libertarian kind of thinking concepts going on as more and more realiize both Ds and Rs are basically the same screwing , just a different flavor ?